5 Holiday Gifts for Your Influencers

5 Holiday Gifts for Your Influencers

he holidays are almost here. Have you thought about sending gifts to your influencers?

According to Megan Leonhardt at Wealth Management, giving the right gift creates new memories, “fostering a strong relationship and building additional layers of trust.” Those two elements are necessary to building a strong influencer relations program, so holiday gifts for the influencers it is.

You could get a Gift baskets or chocolates, but I will recommend going for the unique, personalized gift from Adpearl Store. You’ll be remembered much longer.

Besides, your influencers probably have received just about as many cheese wedges and orange chocolates as they can stomach this holiday season. Something out of the ordinary will be received with joy and celebrated on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

On to the gift ideas!

1. Motivational books.

A buzzworthy book like Arianna Huffington’s “Thrive” generally makes the rounds every year, meaning it’s an ideal gift. To up the ante, send your influencers the book that has made the most difference in your outlook on life or the book that is the pinnacle in their industry. Accompany the gift with a personalized note thanking them for their hard work and dedication to their communities.

2. Food.

I know. I said not to send chocolates and the like, but that doesn’t mean food is out of the question. Send something unexpected such as an ice cream delivery or a cookie and milk one. Think about where your influencers live, too. A basket filled with regional favorites communicates your attention to detail and builds stronger rapport as you head into 2018.

3. Monogrammed note pads and pens.

While you should never, ever send pen and paper emblazoned with your brand’s logo as a gift, you should consider note pads and pens monogrammed or engraved with your influencers’ initials. Any time they use the pen or paper, they’ll think of you. If you want to make an impression, purchase handcrafted stationery. It’s a more expensive gift, but it’ll be remembered and enjoyed for months, if not years, to come.

4. Subscriptions.

If you want to stay top-of-mind throughout the year, investigate subscriptions. One of your influencers takes pride in his beard or mustache? Give him the Dollar Shave Club. Fashion savvy women? Hello, Birchbox. Dog lovers? Chefs? Health and wellness experts? There’s a subscription for that.

5. Season tickets.

If you know your influencers enjoy a specific sport or Broadway shows, consider purchasing season tickets. The price tag adds up quickly with this gift, so think of alternatives like tickets to the must-see game or the most-anticipated show.

What gifts are you giving your influencers this year? Let us know!

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